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Manual AM200

  • During activities the Pam indicates how intensive the movements are. The flashing little man at the top of the display shows in which activity zone you are moving: the fidgeting or living zone , the health zone or the sport zone .
  • There are four modes on the Pam. By pressing the Pam-button () you change the mode on the Pam:
    • Pam Score: you can toggle between average day score and average week score using the + and - buttons.
    • Zones: you can toggle between the three intensity zones using the + and - buttons, as indicated by the little man at the top of the screen. The number on the display indicates the amount of minutes in the particular zone that day.
    • Calories: if you have registered on the Pam website, the Pam knows enough about you to convert the Pam Score into absolute energy consumption in Calories. The amount of Calories you consume while not moving - your basal metabolic rate (BMR) - is not indicated. Toggle between day and week averages using the + and - buttons.
    • Nutrition: in this mode you can keep track of the number of fruit and vegetable servings you have eaten that day. Increase the number by pressing the + button and decrease the number by pressing the - button. Keeping track of this will increase your awareness about what you eat.
  • Setting of the clock is automatically done when you connect the Pam to your PC. However,you can also do it manually:
    • Double click the -button and the hours start blinking.
    • Increase/decrease the number with the + and - buttons.
    • Click the -button again and the minutes start blinking.
    • Increase/decrease the number with the + and - buttons.
    • You can toggle between the 12-hours and 24-hours clock by pressing the button again.
    • Click on the -button again to start the clock.
  • The battery has a life of more than one year. Changing it is easy by removing the clip (turn left) and opening the battery compartment with a coin. The battery is a lithium coin-cell of the type CR2032. Close the battery compartment again with the coin and replace the clip. The latter goes easier when you open the clip slightly with your thumb and index finger.
  • Water: the Pam is not waterproof, although it can stand some light splash.
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    Most people are not active enough while they know it is good for them. Active people feel fit and have more energy.
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    Most people are not active enough, while almost everybody knows that exercise is good for you.

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