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The Product

Get to know Pam.

Pam is a small activity monitor that is extremely easy to use. You’ll only need adjust the time, clip it to your belt or waistband, …and go! Instantly, Pam will begin to accurately measure all your movements and provide you with a constant readout of your activity level throughout your entire day.

There are two models available, the new AM300 and the AM200. The AM300 has a 3D accelerometer and a wireless connection. The AM200 has a 1D accelerometer and is connected via a USB cable.

And, when you connect the Pam with the PC using the included USB receiver or USB cable, it will automatically connect you to your Pam Online Coach, where your daily activity level data will be immediately uploaded, displayed and stored on your personal Pam Web Page. Moreover, your Pam will also track – and your Online Coach will display - the exact number of minutes that you’ve spent in the Living Zone (fidgeting, doing chores around the house), the Health Zone (defined as “walking”, or activities with similar intensity), and the number of minutes you’ve spent in the Sport Zone (defined as “running”, or activities with similar intensity). This will make it a lot easier for you to be sure you live up to the U.S. Surgeon General’s suggested goal of achieving an average of 30 minutes of medium intensity activity each and every day.

Pam is easy to use.

Pam is really easy. You don't have to adjust anything on the device, except the time when you didn't hook it up to the PC. To upload your data to the PC you only have to connect the cable and wait: you don't have to touch your keyboard or mouse!

Pam is there for YOU!

Most people are not active enough while they know it is good for them. Active people feel fit and have more energy.
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Most people are not active enough, while almost everybody knows that exercise is good for you.

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Pam Coach

The Pam Coach shows you an overview of what you did in the last couple of days.
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