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What is the Pam Score?

To conveniently record and measure your daily activity level, your Pam utilizes a unique and patented universal activity index, known as the Pam Score. This index has been specifically designed to provide you with a simple, two-digit number that is easily understood. You’ll soon recognize and appreciate the personal significance of your daily individual Pam Score, and you’ll be able to use it to quickly and easily track, increase, and maintain your activity level throughout your entire day.

You can instantly read both your current daily and weekly Pam Scores at any time on the Pam display. To do so, simply push the Pam-button to toggle between your current daily score or weekly average score. The below table shows the suggested range of daily Pam Scores for each fitness lifestyle profile, segmented by age category:

 Lifestyle Pam Scores
Inactive< 20 
 Active 20 - 30
 Very active 30 - 40
 Sportive 40 - 50
 Pro > 50







So what, exactly, is a “Pam Point”? It’s merely an easy-to-understand measurement of your expended energy. To be precise: it is the ratio between the amount of energy you use while active and the amount of energy you use while at rest, multiplied by 100%. As a general rule of thumb, normal walking for half an hour will result in 7 to 10 extra Pam Points, while normal running for half an hour would result in an increase of 15 to 30 extra Pam Points. Of course, the exact number of points achieved will depend on how vigorously you move, whether walking or running.

Pam is there for YOU!

Most people are not active enough while they know it is good for them. Active people feel fit and have more energy.
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Pam maakt je fit

Pam makes you fit!

If you are active enough - a Pam Score above 20 - you just feel better. You get more out of life! It takes some discipline to adapt your lifestyle, but you get so much back!
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